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Artistic programs and artists working on borders of performance art, dance, theatre and new media are the main focus of our program, expressing its plurality in the quest to a fairer and more open society.

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Our focus
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Domino is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation based in Zagreb, Croatia, that has as its mission the questioning of the traditional and the transformation of oppressive norms in transitional societies through culture, media, public policies, education and collaboration with local and international organisations. The vision of Domino is that in the society there is a continuous recognition of norms that disables the freedom of art and, more specifically, queer expression; which in its nature is subversive yet peaceful. This expression is mostly visible trough the independent art scene and warrants the broadening of the borders and the critical questioning of existing social norma. We feel that it is necessary to make a social environment that enables the independent culture to manifest itself through different forms and stakeholders. The organisation realizes its mission through four major programs: culture and arts, media, education and politics. Within ACT, we want to continue our long-standing engagement with identity politics, broaden our support for independent artists improving the working conditions for their creations and continue our efforts to decentralise artistic programs in seven Croatian regions while strenghtening culturally marginalised landscapes. At the same time, we wish to further develop and continue offering quality capacity building programs for students and cultural professionals alike, while sharing and exchanging know-how, experiences, practices and concerns within the ACT network.

“To understand and explain how there is nothing in the world, but nothing, other than the Society of the whole living system that we call the planet Earth, seems to be the most important political idea that contemporary art needs to deal with. ” Željko Zorica - Šiš


#ACT summerlabs They were ahead of us
They were ahead of us

By Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen, Observants Zagreb Summerlab

#political propellers Delirium Interruptum
Delirium Interruptum

Marko Markovic performance for Croatian presidency of EU council

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