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Ivan Slipčević 




Ivan Slipčević is a visual and sound artist working in film, photography, video and sound. He organises numerous electronic sound and video workshops. Also, he is a director of photography for artistic films, and he is involved in music and video live performances.

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Ivan Slipčević Ivan Slipčević

Slipčević completed his MA in Cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Art of the University of Zagreb, Croatia. He has been an active member of the Multimedia Institute MAMA, in Zagreb, since 2000, and he started the studio for sound and image zvukbroda with Tomislav Domes.

He has been involved in numerous multimedia performances, produced electronic video scenography at numerous festivals (Videolux, Ljubljana; media.mediteranea, Pula; Urbani FestivalPlatforma 981Sloboda stvaralaštvuIllectric funk, Zagreb; Festival Vizualnih komunikacija, Maribor; Contact Europe, Austrija; clubtransmediale, Berlin, etc.).

He has been director of photography on a number of independent productions (Deturs, Galeb Vekić, Plac, A. Hušman; Booksa this is the way step inside; K. Rubinstain, Ručak, A. Hušman; In time, Nicole Hewitt, Zagrebačke priče, I.Ramljak. M.Škobalj, Sve je povezano, Lala Raščić, Oslobođenje u 26 slika, I.Ramljak. M.Škobalj …).

Slipčević teaches photography and new media technology at the Department of New Media and Animation at the Academy of Fine Art University of Zagreb. Slipčević is a member of the sound collective Soundspiels.

Ivan Slipčević 


Ivan Slipčević 


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