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COAL mobilizes artists and cultural actors on social and environmental issues and supports the emergence of a culture of ecology.

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The COAL association was created in 2008 by a group of French professionals working in the fields of contemporary art, sustainable development and research, in order to promote the emergence of a culture of ecology.

COAL mobilizes artists and other key players in the art world around social and environmental issues, in collaboration with institutions, local authorities, NGOs, scientists and businesses, and supports the essential role played by culture and creativity in raising awareness and implementing tangible solutions. The association also contributes to the transformation of territories by art, through the conception of art programs designed specifically for particular spaces, such as “Nature in Solidum” for the Haut-Jura Regional Park or “STUWA” for the tourist information office in Sundgau, Alsace.

COAL has been the driving force behind about 50 contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events around ecological transition for major arts institutions all over France (Société du Grand Paris, Condition Publique, UNESCO, La Villette, La Gaîté Lyrique, FIAC, Domaine de Chamarande, National Museum of Natural History, Museum of Hunting and Nature, Berges de Seine, CEAAC, etc.). Every year it awards the COAL Art and Environment Prize and contributes to sharing knowledge about the subject through its European partnerships (as the French member of the ACT, Imagine 2020, Creative Climate Leadership and La Table et le Territoire networks), provides consultancy services, organizes numerous workshops, public lectures. COAL also maintains the daily update of, the primary online resource platform dedicated to both national and international initiatives that link art and ecology.

Over a decade COAL has become the leading French actor in the expanding crossover between art and ecology. COAL took its place on the forefront of this emerging field when, in 2015, it organized ArtCOP21, the Cultural program for COP21 in 2015, placing culture on the sustainable development agenda. COAL is currently organizing a cultural season on biodiversity for the IUCN World Conservation Congress, which will take place in Marseille in June 2020.



“Nous prenons soin de conserver nos œuvres d’art, mais nous laissons les espèces sauvages, œuvres de millénaires d’évolution, disparaître sous notre nez.We take care to preserve our works of art, but we let the wild species, works of millennia of evolution, disappear under our noses.” Aldo Leopold, 1933


#learning to impact BERRU: creating unreal places with real possibilities
BERRU: creating unreal places with real possibilities

By Arie Lengkeek & Jacco van Uden

#ACTAgenda A Mural for Biodiversity
A Mural for Biodiversity

ACT, COAL & Planète Émergences present Audubon Project Marseille

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#ACTAgenda #ACTAgenda
COAL Paris
9 Jun 2023 - 18 Jun 2023

Nuits des Forêts 2023

in 170 forests all over France

A national event for the general public, the Nuits des Forêts are back from June 9 to 18 in 170 forests throughout France. With more than 20 new sites, discover the agenda of this 4th edition! Partner and artistic advisor of the Nuits des Forêts, COAL is preparing a reinforced program in the forest of Fontainebleau on June 9, 10 and 11, in the footsteps of the Artistic Reserves. Discover the entire program online.

#ACTAgenda #ACTAgenda
COAL Paris
10 Jun 2023

OCCULT by Robin Decourcy

Nuit des Fôrets 2023

A protean artist and choreographer, Robin Decourcy offers everyone an experience of perception in a natural environment through the writing of guided scores. This so-called eco-somatic practice invites us to dive into an intensified relationship with the surrounding biotope: to taste the silica in the stampian silence of the Oligocene, to enter into empathy with the gogottes, the rock-mushrooms, to connect with the flora and fauna, present and past. The experience is playful and concentrated. The atmosphere is respectful and benevolent, open to various states of consciousness and body.

#ACTAgenda #ACTAgenda
COAL Paris
10 Jun 2023

TRÊVE by Robin Decourcy, Peter Corser & Abdullah Miniawy

Nuit des Fôrets 2023

A unique encounter for the Nuits de Forêts between these three artists with different practices, whose love of natural spaces brings them together on this stage in the open air of the Fontainebleau forest. The choreographer Robin Decourcy, in a dance experience in a modified state of consciousness, will be accompanied by the hypnotic songs of the poet and singer Abdullah Miniawy and the saxophonist with a circular breath, Peter Corser. An experience of the night and the invisible that promises to be unforgettable.

#ACTAgenda #ACTAgenda
COAL Paris
1 Sep 2019 - 31 Aug 2023

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Online collaborative platform

RESSOURCE 0 dives into a new field, at the crossroads of culture and ecology, both in France and internationally. Its objective is to question and respond to environmental issues, by integrating the aesthetic, creative, relational, sensitive and imaginative dimensions specific to art. RESSOURCE 0 defends a collaborative multi-stakeholder approach, in which solutions emanate from different exchanges and sensitivities.

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