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Škart is a collective founded in 1990 at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.
While experimenting through their work, they focus primarily between the medium of poetry and design. “Architecture of the human relationships” is their main concept.
Through the constant flux within the collective, present since its very beginning, members collaboratively work to develop new values. They are particularly capable through the process of making, to embrace ‘beautiful’ mistakes and tirelessly strive to combine work with pleasure.

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Trained as architect, for the team/group-practice-based work, Dragan Protić co-founded, together with Đorđe Balmazović, the ŠKART group.
ŠKART group is (still) functioning as an ongoing productive conflict of poetry, architecture, graphic design, mixed media and social activism.

After first 10 years of ŠKART’S self-production-self-distribution street actions (Survival Coupons, Your shit = Your responsibility, Nothing for Beginning,…), the group launched a long-term process of initiating and developing new collectives and networks, such as:
> choirs (open participation for all – creating and performing their own songs on public rehearsals) HORKEŠKART, PROBA/rehearsal, + chidren-choirs: DECA SA MESECA/moon-children, ApriZMAJun/aprildragonjun ((2000 – ongoing))
> inter-generation choir HOR-RUK (youth+pensioners=choir) ((2013 – ongoing))
> embroidery groups (re-using kitchen-poetry and handcrafting in new social/political context; Female and Male group) ((2000 – ongoing))
> poetry festivals and networks (POETRYING/Pesnicenje – public training for newcomers and old-siders + self-publishing poetry edition) ((2007 – ongoing))
> kids poetry+music workshops and shows ((2005 – ongoing)
> schools poetry class-attacks-performances, workshops and shows ((2008 – ongoing))





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