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Bunker is a NGO that produces contemporary performances, organizes discursive forums and educational programmes and produces an international performing arts festival Mladi Levi. Since 2004, Bunker manages a contemporary performing arts space Old Power Station in Ljubljana.

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Bunker is a NGO for the realization and organization of cultural events. Bunker produces and presents contemporary theatre and dance performances, organizes different workshops and other educational programmes with a special focus on cultural and artistic education, participates in or leads numerous international projects, organizes international discursive forums and discussion evenings, and produces one of the most prominent international contemporary performing arts festivals – the Mladi Levi Festival.

Since the year 2004, Bunker programmes and manages the inspirational  space of The Old Power Station in Ljubljana. The Old Power Station is a space for contemporary perfroming arts. It is buzzing with activities: several groups use it as their rehearsal venue; it is a place for different workshops, which range from cultural management to dance techniques, while in the evening, the power station is a venue for various contemporary performances and other multimedia events. The programme in the Old Power Station is a combination of international performances, presented in the frame of numerous festivals, as well as a selection of interesting Slovene contemporary artists. The red thread of all events in The Old Power Station is the desire to explore and move the boundaries of the aesthetic and the expected, as well as the desire for engagement in the local and global environment. Bunker has been devoted to producing artists dealing with the themes of the environment and climate change for many years through the international project Imagine 2020 – Art and Climate Change. And in the future years Bunker will explore these ideas through the engagement in the ACT project.

“Bunker’s engagement in ACT is all about bringing together a wider community of artist, activists and cultural workers not only to point out and reflect on social and climate injustice, but also join forces in common attempts to find new solutions to old problems.” Nevenka Koprivšek


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