Art Climate Transition
Co-funded by the
Creative Europe Programme
of the European Union

ACT — Art,
Climate, Transition

is a European cooperation project on hope. The hope we’re interested in is about ‘broad perspectives with specific possibilities, ones that invite or demand that we act’.

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#localising Becoming-World

By Rosi Braidotti

#incurable curious Just Don’t Do It
Just Don’t Do It

By Pieter van Bogaert

#political propellers Delirium Interruptum
Delirium Interruptum

Marko Markovic performance for Croatian presidency of EU council

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Domino Zagreb
1 May 2020

Women’s Lives Louder

(among other artists: Vlasta Delimar, Marina Mesar – OKO, Josipa Bubas, …) Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula (various indoor and outdoor locations).

#incurable curious #incurable curious
Kaaitheater Brussels
28 May 2020

Hyperpresent talk #4: On Antiphilosophy

Boris Groys

Art critic, media theorist and philosopher Boris Groys argues that modern ‘antiphilosophy’ does not pursue the universality of thought as its goal but rather proposes the universality of life

#ACTAgenda #ACTAgenda
COAL Paris
1 Jun 2020

Le VIVANT (Biodiversity)

COAL Prize 2020

Award ceremony: June 2020, in the context of the  IUCN World Conservation Congress held in Marseille. Linked with VIVANT lead by COAL.

#learning #learning
Kaaitheater Brussels
9 Jun 2020

Hyperpresent talk #5: On Tianxia

Zhao Tingyang

Philosopher Zhao Tingyang introduces ‘Tianxia’: a conceptualization of the world as the composition of three realms: the physical, psychological and political, which places inclusivity and harmony at the heart of a global worldview.

Domino Zagreb
1 Jul 2020

Baby, don’t be sad

Vedrana Klepica

July 2020 (1st residency and work in progress presentation). December 2020 (premiere).

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