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Culturgest offers an international program of contemporary theatre, dance, music, cinema and visual arts for a wide and diversified audience. It also develops an intensive discursive program and offers a wide range of participative events.

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At Culturgest, we present a regular program dedicated to contemporary creation in the fields of theatre, dance, music, cinema and the visual arts and offer an educational program in all of these areas, aimed at audiences of all ages and social and cultural backgrounds. We also develop an intensive discursive programme about a large range of issues related to art, science, politics and society, in close collaboration with artists, scholars, universities and other organisations from civil society. Themes that we have been giving attention to and will continue to explore over the next years include: migration, cultural diversity and decolonization, gender and, not in the least, ecology and climate change.

We like to do things in collaboration and develop the program of Culturgest as part of a national and international network of partnerships and exchanges. We co-produce and host various independent festivals (the film festivals IndieLisboa and DocLisboa and the performing arts festivals Alkantara and Almada Festival), collaborate intensively with local and international universities and research centres, co-produce performances and exhibitions on a national and international level and open our doors for independent organisations and producers. All these collaborations are ways to enrich our work and deepen the impact and reach of whatever is created and organised together.

We seek to widen and multiply audiences for contemporary creation and debate and take active action to reach out to young people and culturally and socially diverse groups from our city. We try to include our audiences in what we do and look for different ways to stimulate participation.

Being part of ACT – Art, Climate, Transition touches on almost all of the above mentioned concerns, from international to issue based programming, and from audience development to the benefits of collaboration. As a final note: ecology is not only a concern in our program, but also a way of doing things: we work daily to reduce our ecological footprint and Culturgest’s environmental management is ISO 14001 certified.



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Culturgest Lisbon
8 Mar 2022

Conference – Vibrating in the World

Séverine Kodjo-Grandvaux

Séverine Kodjo-Grandvaux introduces an interdisciplinary project that brings together scientists, legal experts, artists and other professionals to think about the ties that bind humans and other living beings. Vibrating in the World invites us to imagine a presence on the planet that is both an embodiment of the self, and also – evoking Édouard Glissant and his philosophy of relation – the act of becoming sensitive to all living things and to our cosmic condition.

Culturgest Lisbon
8 Mar 2022 - 9 Mar 2022

Conference Cycle – Colonial / Decolonial Botany

Another Natural History

How has colonial history marked our relationship with nature? In a two late afternoons program, we gather several disciplines of knowledge to open the photographic archives of contemporary Portuguese history, trying to see them as documents that, simultaneously, reveal traces of multiple ecologies, and are the expression of how colonial history marked nature.

Culturgest Lisbon
9 Mar 2022

Conference – Colonial Botany, Decolonial Botany


Based on photographs of scientific missions organised by the Portuguese Institute of Tropical Scientific Research (Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical (IICT)), and within the scope of project Photo Impulse, which focuses on photographic collections of Portuguese scientific and geodesic missions in Africa throughout the 20th century, this roundtable discussion establishes a dialogue between the epistemological perspectives of that colonial scientific past and contemporary ways of thinking philosophically, artistically and conceptually about the relationship of humans with plants and botany.

Culturgest Lisbon
25 Mar 2022 - 27 Mar 2022


By Marco Martins

Marco Martins proposes in WILD a reflection on the use of the mask in ritualistic practices that, since time immemorial, collectively mark crucial moments in Europe, such as the equinoxes and solstices, integrating characters such as the Wild Man, the Bear, the Goat or the Devil.

Culturgest Lisbon
29 Mar 2022

Conference – Hacking the Mask


Based on Marco Martins’ new performance, this debate hacks the multiple dramaturgies of masks. As a medium and stage for the figuration of the Other, masks show, hide and perform profound human technologies of the game. Face and mask differ and resonate with each other. From supernatural beliefs, masks deal with what fascinates and is feared, turning the wearer into hybrids beyond the culture/nature, animal/human and true/disguised dichotomies. 

Culturgest Lisbon
1 Jul 2022 - 11 Sep 2022

Transforming Energy, by berru

Collection Europe

The synergies and challenges that the encounter between the biological and technological worlds imposes us today have been the focus of this collective’s attention. Their works tend to combine living and non-living structures, whose interaction allows us to understand the complexity of these same structures and to speculate on their potential collaborations in creating sustainable systems. For the exhibition at Culturgest Porto – within the France-Portugal Season Croisée, and in close collaboration with the French partner, COAL, which will host the exhibition afterwards – the collective is preparing a work that reassesses and seeks alternatives to the use of batteries.

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