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Davy Pieters


The Netherlands


The performances directed by Davy Pieters (1988) are explorations of the human of the future and the way it is influenced by technical innovation and visual culture. The performances are characterized by her dominantly visual, physical and cinematic style.

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Davy Pieters Davy Pieters

Davy graduated in 2011 from the directing course at the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts. She was awarded the De Henriette Hustinxprijs for Excellent Talent for this graduation piece. “She develops her projects on the intersection of theatre and performance with the courage to experiment”, the jury said about her work. Davy produced several productions with Frascati Productions between 2012 until 2016.

Her first work was the hilarious, horrific fairy tale An Elephant (2012). Davy went on to create the highly-praised monologue The Truth About Kate (2014), which was selected for the National Dutch Theatre Festival and Circuit X in Flanders and brought her a nomination for the BNG Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs award. This was followed by How did I die (2014) and Made in Here (2016). How did I die won the audience award at the Fast Forward Festival for Young Directors in Braunschweig (Germany) in 2016. In the summer of 2016 Davy created Re-enactment of the Now with Theater Utrecht. The Unpleasant Surprise(2017) created Davy in 2017 this with Theater Rotterdam. Her most recent works are How to build a Universe and What we leave behind.

Davy Pieters has been selected for La Biennale di Venezia in 2018 with two shows: How did I die and The Unpleasant Surprise. One of her most recent works How to build a Universe won the VSCD mime award 2019.

Together with Nastaran Razawi Khorasani, Davy founded the performance collective KOBE. They create spectacular, theatrical performances for various scenes.

Davy Pieters


Davy Pieters


Theater Rotterdam Rotterdam
17 Jun 2021 - 26 Nov 2021


By Davy Pieters

Last year, more than ever before, we were confronted by our mortality. The vulnerability of a body, but also of life on earth itself, was visible everywhere. In DO NOT LOOK BACK WITH REGRET, director Davy Pieters invites you to consider this. ‘It’s about seeing what we don’t want to see. Our relationship with mortality is not the same as 18 months ago. How do we relate to loss? How do we create the space to stop and process it?’


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