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Oliver Musovik


North Macedonia


Musovik held solo exhibitions in North Macedonia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Serbia, Australia, and Montenegro. He participated in many international exhibitions of graphic and contemporary arts around the world. Moreover, as artist in residence, he worked in Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Korea, the United States, and France. Also, Musovik’s art works are part of several public collections. Thus, they are published in several publications-contemporary art magazines by the world’s most prominent publishers of art literature.

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Oliver Musovik - Urban Forests, 2020 Oliver Musovik - Urban Forests, 2020
“In my works, I explore the variety of human behaviors and actions, examining the concept of identity in close relations to the notions of place and the everyday. I primarily work with photography and installations in combination with texts, usually short anecdotal stories from personal experience that are organized according to my own subjective taxonomy. My photographic style is unassuming, somewhere between home snapshots, and ethnographic and police photography. My artworks fluctuate between the dialogue with the art history and personal, intimate inspiration. As an artist from former Yugoslavia (now Macedonia), with humor and self-referential irony, I often draw from my experience of the contemporary post-socialist transitional society, as I deal with local history, place memory, alienation, stereotypes and social relations in that specific socio-cultural context.” Oliver Musovik

Born 1971 in Skopje, Macedonia
Lives and works in Skopje, Macedonia

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 1997, MFA in 2004.

He had solo exhibitions in Macedonia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Serbia, Australia and Montenegro. He had participated at numerous international exhibitions, among others “AFTERMATH. CHANGING CULTURAL LANDSCAPE – Tendencies of Engaged Post-Yugoslav Contemporary Photography, 2012-14; “HISTORY, MEMORY, IDENTITY: Contemporary Photography from Eastern Europe” in Modena in 2009; the 3rd Bucharest Biennale in 2008, 1st Biennale of Contemporary Art “Heterotopia” in Thessaloniki in 2007, “The Gorges of the Balkans” in Kassel in 2003, Manifesta 4 – European Biennale of Contemporary Art in Frankfurt in 2002, 6th Istanbul Biennale in 1999.

Participated at six artist-in-residency programs: Brno Artists in Residence, Czechia, 2017; Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva, Switzerland, 2016; Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Korea, 2014; Domaine de Kerguhennec, Bignan, France, 2008; Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, USA, 2006 (ArtsLink); Kuenstlerhaus Boswil , Switzerland, 1999.

His works are part of several public collections like the Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje; Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana; National Museum of Montenegro, Cetinje; Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena.

His works have been published in art magazines and books, including “Autobiography” (Thames and Hudson, 2004), “Vitamin Ph – New Perspectives in Photography”, (Phaidon, 2006), “Photo Art, Photography in the 21st. Century”, (Dumont 2007 / Aperture, 2008).

Member of the loose artist collective KOOPERACIJA from Skopje from 2013 to its end in 2015.

Oliver Musovik


Oliver Musovik


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