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Nika Švab




Nika Švab fluctuates between the world of theatre and literature. Indeed, she moderated discussions and cooperated as a board member in student literary conference. Nika also wrote several articles for different publications on the field of literature and theatre. Lately, she has been working as a producer and co-author of projects and researching new forms and socially aware topics.

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(C) Luka Martin Škof (C) Luka Martin Škof

Currently Nika Švab mainly works in the theatre, but still keeping touch with literature.

Her bachelor thesis on studies of comparative literature was comparison and analysis about George Danton in history, literature and theatre, based on Danton’s Death by Georg Buchner. As part of her masters studies in Academy for theatre, radio, film and television she did a one year long exchange programme in DAMU, Prague.

On 47. week of Slovenian drama she received an award for best young playwright (2017).

Nika Švab


Nika Švab


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