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Jānis Balodis




Jānis Balodis (1987) –  dramaturg, recent graduate from DAS Theatre in Netherlands. He has been working in theatre professionally since 2009 as playwright, dramaturg and occasionally as a performer. His main interests in theatre are related with society, asking how are we here together? And are we together at all? Moreover, Jānis integrates the Incurably Curious Residencies in 2020-2022, promoted by NTIL.

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Jānis Balodis Jānis Balodis
“How does the point of view there relates, helps or goes against challenges that are posed by anthropocene? I assume that values created in Enlightenment era, in era of Industrialisation and during the birth of Nationalism are still the values that consciously and unconsciously are being passed on. I assume that those values can regard the Nature as the “other”. Nature as something that has to be viewed as a potential for growth and increase of the well being of human society (nation). So I would be interested to see what is the agency of non-human in the narratives of school education?” Jānis Balodis

Jānis Balodis has also been teaching drama and playwriting at the Academy of Culture of Latvia. At the moment his research is around school education programmes and values that are emphasised in history, literature and political science.

Jānis Balodis


Jānis Balodis


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