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Ivana Mirchevska


North Macedonia


Ivana  Mirchevska (b.1992, Skopje) is a visual artist and a researcher whose practice is rooted in time based media, visual anthropology, memory studies and painting. Through experimenting in the hybridizing genre of the documentary, she investigates how technologies of vision work to create subjects and subjectivity. In particular, she looks at the ambivalence of the image in re/presenting the realities of labor, gender, media, surveillance, while searching for the aesthetic potential of the individual and collective body to generate viable propositions and strategies. Using the essayistic as a frame, her practice spans between moving images, archives and installations.

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Ivana Mirchevska - Photo by Sasho Alushevski Ivana Mirchevska - Photo by Sasho Alushevski

Ivana holds a BFA in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje and MFA in visual arts from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Italy. Her video-essay SHE has been published at PHROOM – a Milan based international research platform for contemporary photography and video art – and exhibited at the Utopic Method, International exhibition for Video narration in Granada, Spain and  ‘Zapping the archive’ Odesa Photo Days Festival 2020, Odessa, Ukraine.

Ivana is part of the curatorial team of the festival ‘Underground Is Easier To Breathe’ organized by Kula Collective.

My work is situated in the interlaced spaces of image-making and writing. It consists of making and taking images, negotiating among images, words and worlds. It spreads across fields and investigates how do images take an active role in shaping the conditions of life. My particular interest is in the performative role images have in the representation of the reality, which in my research often expands and converses upon different fields: visual anthropology, documentary, painting, architecture and history.

My practice aims to reflect on the possibilities of individuals and collectives to partake, perform and, to a final instance, shape the aesthetical conditions of contemporary society. My current research focuses around the documentary image, the artistic screen and representation in the contemporary moving image practice. Therefore, I am exploring the unfixed genre of the cinematic essay as a mean of problematization of the image and introducing theory within the film narration. These concerns are often elaborated through video essay, installation, archive, design and painting.

~ Ivana Mirchevska

Ivana Mirchevska


Ivana Mirchevska


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