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Azahara ubera Biedma




Azahara Ubera is an independent researcher, dancer, and choreographer who inhabits the liminal spaces of dance, contemporary art, pedagogy, and activism, inside and outside of institutions and as part of different collectives such as Somatecx (a research group on feminist-queer practices initiated by Paul B. Preciado, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, 2013), and Les Bordes (a project on gender and identity through the mix of dance, video, and experimental music).

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Azhara ubera Biedma Azhara ubera Biedma

Azahara studied Spanish folklore, classical and contemporary dance at the conservatory of Madrid. After her graduation, she traveled a lot, moving to London, New York, San Francisco,… accumulating experiences as a performer but also studying on a more theoretical level, at Goldsmith University. Again in Madrid, she organized a laboratory on social choreography called Corales, and became a member of the research group Somateca on creep-queer practices at the Museo Reina Sofia. In her research at P.A.R.T.S. Azahara also tries to conceive political impact with her artistic work, particularly with respect to feminine voices and the different silent voices in history that stay otherwise unheard. In the project Zinneke she tries to recollect, to archive these silent voices and give them a platform by re-enacting them with her own voice in a musical creation with a loop station. Copla (a form of Spanish popular song), pop music, electronic music, poems, slogans and expressions of her own mother are woven together into a dense sound landscape. Next to this personal creation, Azahara also organizes a more collective kind of research that she calls ManadaManada is a series of group workshops with a rich diversity of people from outside P.A.R.T.S.. The participants exchange ideas about the question ‘what is feminism?’ and engage in movement exercises with respect to the ‘action of care’. This is growing into a collective group performance.

Azahara ubera Biedma


Azahara ubera Biedma


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