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#ACTAgenda 5 Sep 2021 - 30 Jun 2023

Your Birds, Our Birds

a campaign on bird biodiversity

The ACT – Art Climate Transition partners launched a campaign that consists on starting a conversation with local communities on the loss of bird biodiversity, through developing local small-scale murals in the frame of the Audubon Mural project. The network is raising awareness about the disappearance of many European bird species due to the sixth mass extinction. Local bird alliances and scientists are also invited to join the conversation in each local context.

#incurable curious
Kaaitheater Brussels
9 Feb 2023 - 10 Feb 2023


Vania Vaneau

In Nebula, the stage appears like a burnt black landscape, both natural and futuristic, where everything has been destroyed except for a few bits and pieces: precious stones, coal, water, clay, mirrors… In dialogue with these materials, the dancer quivers with the energies around her, reinventing herself as a tree, a tiger, and a star. Entering unknown universes to reveal what exists beyond the black hole, the solo Nebula opens up even vaster spaces with new forms of life where time is expanded.

Artsadmin London
13 Feb 2023

Open Call ACT Symposium London

File your proposal before February 13!

Call-out for ACT Symposium

On the 28th/29th June 2023 Artsadmin and Art, Climate, Transition (ACT) will be co-hosting an international symposium exploring the intersections between contemporary performance, democratic participation, & environmental justice. This two-day symposium will be based at Toynbee Studios in London and sits alongside What Shall We Build Here festival.

This symposium takes an expanded understanding of political discourse and knowledge dissemination. To get to grips with the big themes we are looking at, and to move the conversation forwards, we need many modes of communication. We are delighted to include an eclectic mix of panel discussions, workshops, walks, performances, talks, keynote lectures, meals & meditations.

We are looking for artists, arts workers, theorists & activists to be a part of this programme. Read more…

Theater Rotterdam RotterdamKaaitheater Brussels
24 Feb 2023


By Enkidu Khaled & Joachim Robrecht

The impact and disastrous consequences of war remain a painful and often underexposed topic in the debate on global warming. Access to raw materials is often the root cause of conflict and ecological warfare, such as the draining of rivers, is increasingly used as an instrument of violence. Military exercises and operations waste enormous amounts of energy and leave behind hallucinatory amounts of debris. It is both cynical and ironic, but some exercise areas and war zones are so polluted that no one is allowed to enter them. They are instead declared nature zones where nature is given free rein and can heal.

COAL Paris
19 Mar 2023

OPEN CALL | COAL Prize 2023


With Plant! the COAL Prize 2023 invites artists from all over the world to sow the seeds of creation and action, to germinate new research and experimentation, so that an inventive and resilient plant-based way of thinking can flourish in the world to come. This Prize is a call to act, to transform, to heal, to revive, to hybridize. A call to feel the richness of plants, their balances and dynamics, from seed to calyx, from molecule to ecosystem. A call to try and, why not, to fail, because failure is the seed of growth. Open until March 19, 2023

#conscious developers
Kaaitheater Brussels
25 Mar 2023 - 26 Mar 2023



How can we rethink being human from a radical ecological perspective? What stories can help us grapple with the disruptions of the climate crises? These questions lie at the basis of PREY, consisting of three solos by three generations of women. All three offer a different perspective on the same theme, via a different medium – text/speech, song/music or dance/performance. Be prepared to delve into a scenography in which humans do not play the main role. Can we find consolation in the horrific fact that we are food and that we belong to an ecological cycle of life and death?

#conscious developers
Culturgest Lisbon
13 Apr 2023


By Lia Rodrigues

A diptych on violence and beauty, Fúria (2018) and Encantado (2021), the two most recent shows from Brazilian choreographer Lia Rodrigues, are awe-inspiring statements about our ever-accelerating times, and powerful indictments as much as they are messages of hope. In Fúria, the frenzied presence of all eleven dancers from the company evokes a world of violence, but also the incessant struggle against all forms of oppression, through an unrelenting succession of images built and demolished. Conceived at, and born out of the favelas of Maré in Rio, Fúria lies where Carnival parade meets archaic procession and protest march.

#conscious developers
Culturgest Lisbon
15 Apr 2023


By Lia Rodrigues

A diptych on violence and beauty, Fúria (2018) and Encantado (2021), the two most recent shows from Brazilian choreographer Lia Rodrigues, are awe-inspiring statements about our ever-accelerating times, and powerful indictments as much as they are messages of hope. Encantado [‘enchanted’] is synonymous with charmed, and mesmerized, but in Brazil it also refers to entities that exist in realms of perception from the Afro-Brazilian culture. The encantados exist somewhere between heaven and earth, in the jungle, the rocks, rivers, seas, and all the surrounding flora. They turn nature into a sacred place. Will we be able to re-join the enchanted world where we can reunite with our own, and other living creatures in all their diversity?

Theater Rotterdam Rotterdam
7 Jun 2023

Moving in Concert, in Rotterdam

Mette Ingvartsen

Moving in Concert envisions a universe in which people, technologies and natural materials coexist to create an abstract series of movements. Inspired by the way bodies are sensory influenced by living in a digitized world, the performance explores a poetics of plasticity, abstraction and imagination.

#commissioned work
Bunker Ljubljana
3 Sep 2021 - 27 Aug 2023

Multispecies Landscape, by Tery Žeželj

Artistic Research in Ljubljana

Multispecies Landscape is a two-year artistic research on alternative ways of practicing relationships with the environment and diverse bodies that are part of the ecosystems in which we operate and are being transformed. It understands the environment as the process that emerges from numerous relationships and tries to look for methods for overcoming binary oppositions such as nature and culture, dead and alive, etc. The research inspired by the concept of the holobiont as an object of thought that disables thinking through individual categories, but rather focuses on the body as a porous environment of various organisms that are enabling life.

COAL Paris
1 Sep 2019 - 31 Aug 2023

Resource 0

Online collaborative platform

RESSOURCE 0 dives into a new field, at the crossroads of culture and ecology, both in France and internationally. Its objective is to question and respond to environmental issues, by integrating the aesthetic, creative, relational, sensitive and imaginative dimensions specific to art. RESSOURCE 0 defends a collaborative multi-stakeholder approach, in which solutions emanate from different exchanges and sensitivities.