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Activity archive

#ACTAgenda 5 Sep 2021 - 30 Jun 2023

Your Birds, Our Birds

a campaign on bird biodiversity

The ACT – Art Climate Transition partners launched a campaign that consists on starting a conversation with local communities on the loss of bird biodiversity, through developing local small-scale murals in the frame of the Audubon Mural project. The network is raising awareness about the disappearance of many European bird species due to the sixth mass extinction. Local bird alliances and scientists are also invited to join the conversation in each local context.

#ACT summerlabs
Lokomotiva Skopje
4 Jun 2023 - 9 Jun 2023

Summerlab #4: Skopje

Public Negative Spaces

The main focus of the Summerlab Skopje 2023 will be the many public spaces in the country, known as the ‘empty spaces’ especially in the city of Skopje, which were privatized during the political transition of North Macedonia from a socialist into a ‘turbo-capitalist’ society. As part of the program, collaborators from Skopje will share and present the historical and political context of the city and its ‘empty public’ spaces, as well as urban ecology. Also, collaborators from Floating University in Berlin to present their project and approach, and the participants will share their work and experiences.

Theater Rotterdam Rotterdam
5 Jun 2023 - 30 Jun 2023

TRipp [space]

with Merel Smitt and Floor van Leeuwen

For the 5th edition of TRipp [space], Merel Smitt will travel to Skopje to participate the SummerLab #4 where she will encounter with urbanists, ecologists, activists and other 10 artists of ACT ) Art, Climate Transition Network. After that she will return to Rotterdam and start to collaborate with Floor van Leeuwen for the preparation of new cycles of  How To Start A Movement? In collaboration with Humanistisch Verbond from Ecohumanist perspective. Floor van Leeuwen will participate to Relay Lecture in Rotterdam and will kick off their Swarming project in collaboration with Arts Admin in London in the end of June during What Shall We Build Here – a festival of art, climate and community –   and will continue to work there with the LGBTQ+ community till end of August’23.

Theater Rotterdam Rotterdam
7 Jun 2023

Moving in Concert, in Rotterdam

Mette Ingvartsen

Moving in Concert envisions a universe in which people, technologies and natural materials coexist to create an abstract series of movements. Inspired by the way bodies are sensory influenced by living in a digitized world, the performance explores a poetics of plasticity, abstraction and imagination.

COAL Paris
9 Jun 2023 - 18 Jun 2023

Nuits des Forêts 2023

in 170 forests all over France

A national event for the general public, the Nuits des Forêts are back from June 9 to 18 in 170 forests throughout France. With more than 20 new sites, discover the agenda of this 4th edition! Partner and artistic advisor of the Nuits des Forêts, COAL is preparing a reinforced program in the forest of Fontainebleau on June 9, 10 and 11, in the footsteps of the Artistic Reserves. Discover the entire program online.

COAL Paris
10 Jun 2023

OCCULT by Robin Decourcy

Nuit des Fôrets 2023

A protean artist and choreographer, Robin Decourcy offers everyone an experience of perception in a natural environment through the writing of guided scores. This so-called eco-somatic practice invites us to dive into an intensified relationship with the surrounding biotope: to taste the silica in the stampian silence of the Oligocene, to enter into empathy with the gogottes, the rock-mushrooms, to connect with the flora and fauna, present and past. The experience is playful and concentrated. The atmosphere is respectful and benevolent, open to various states of consciousness and body.

COAL Paris
10 Jun 2023

TRÊVE by Robin Decourcy, Peter Corser & Abdullah Miniawy

Nuit des Fôrets 2023

A unique encounter for the Nuits de Forêts between these three artists with different practices, whose love of natural spaces brings them together on this stage in the open air of the Fontainebleau forest. The choreographer Robin Decourcy, in a dance experience in a modified state of consciousness, will be accompanied by the hypnotic songs of the poet and singer Abdullah Miniawy and the saxophonist with a circular breath, Peter Corser. An experience of the night and the invisible that promises to be unforgettable.

Artsadmin London
19 Jun 2023 - 2 Jul 2023

What Shall We Build Here 2023

A festival of art, climate and community

Taking place in Artsadmin’s home at Toynbee Studios and across Aldgate East and the City of London, What Shall We Build Here will stage an eclectic programme of talks, walks, feasts, workshops, performances and meditations which imagine ways of living together that are just and sustainable for people and planet.

Join us in conversation, in play, in reflection and in rest, as we imagine ways of living together that are just and sustainable for people and planet!

#political propellers
Culturgest Lisbon
27 Jun 2023 - 2 Jul 2023

Manifestos for After the End of the World

By Os Possessos

Manifestos para Depois do Fim do Mundo takes inspiration from the curatorial work of Hans Ulrich Obrist. Seven actors perform manifestos written during the new millennium. The show takes place along different spaces in and outside the main building. Favouring intimacy, each manifesto is performed for a limited audience at a time, when tradition would have it read in loud tones from a platform. The show was born from a desire to spread considerate words that speak of our times. Some hopeful, some denouncing, they are words from the world, and from everyday life.

Artsadmin London
28 Jun 2023 - 29 Jun 2023

Art, Climate, Transition Symposium


As part of Art, Climate, Transition (ACT), Artsadmin is co-hosting an international symposium over two days, from Wednesday 28 – Thursday 29 June.

The ACT Symposium will feature lectures, panel discussions, performances, audio walks, and feasts. This programme includes: a practical exploration of resilience within environmental movements with Zamzam Ibrahim, a movement workshop with Brussels-based artists Daniel Linehan & Michael Helland, a masterclass in Legislative Theatre with Katy Rubin, weaving with Sheila Ghelani, and a keynote performance lecture from Mathieu Charles, whose innovative performance art reflects his Mauritian Creole heritage, his stance on anti-colonialism, and his embrace of diasporic futurisms.

Kampnagel HamburgTheater Rotterdam Rotterdam
16 Aug 2023 - 20 Aug 2023

Ophelia’s Got Talent

Florentina Holzinger

A wet terrain that is the stage and the training ground to find out how to become like Ophelia – embodying the laws that govern a special environment to satisfy the desires and fantasies of others. Water is the element of assimilation and adaptation, a symbol of the limitless capacity for expansion, of an eternal, inseparable unity with the outside world. Symbolically, water is associated with femininity – and with death. An oceanic landscape emerges, full of illusions, cultural and historical references to all kinds of aquatic creatures and drowned strangers, a scenario that not only asks the question… whether training and exercise can help us escape the precarious conditions of the present with climate catastrophes and other disasters to come. It also invites speculation about future life forms that have assimilated these conditions, transformed them and created new forms of being.

#commissioned work
Bunker Ljubljana
3 Sep 2021 - 27 Aug 2023

Multispecies Landscape, by Tery Žeželj

Artistic Research in Ljubljana

Multispecies Landscape is a two-year artistic research on alternative ways of practicing relationships with the environment and diverse bodies that are part of the ecosystems in which we operate and are being transformed. It understands the environment as the process that emerges from numerous relationships and tries to look for methods for overcoming binary oppositions such as nature and culture, dead and alive, etc. The research inspired by the concept of the holobiont as an object of thought that disables thinking through individual categories, but rather focuses on the body as a porous environment of various organisms that are enabling life.

COAL Paris
1 Sep 2019 - 31 Aug 2023

Resource 0

Online collaborative platform

RESSOURCE 0 dives into a new field, at the crossroads of culture and ecology, both in France and internationally. Its objective is to question and respond to environmental issues, by integrating the aesthetic, creative, relational, sensitive and imaginative dimensions specific to art. RESSOURCE 0 defends a collaborative multi-stakeholder approach, in which solutions emanate from different exchanges and sensitivities.