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Kaaitheater Brussels
25 Jan 2022

Songing With Our Ancestors: Hydrofeminisms


The ocean holds numerous stories of kinship between the human and the more-than-human. One of those stories tells of the ancient oceanic ancestors of our present-day (human) bodies of water. Traces of many of those ancestors, such as the amoeba or the jellyfish, are still present in the human body. This last session in our Series of More-Than-Human Encounters is entirely devoted to oceanic storytelling in kinship with hydrofeminism. This form of feminism is particularly sensitive towards watery creatures and our solidarity with them.

COAL Paris
30 Jan 2022

OPEN CALL Les Nuits des Forêts 2022

Send your proposal until 30 January 2022

For its second edition, the Nuits des Forêts festival reopens its call for participation to all artists, creators, performers, actors in the cultural and educational sectors, thinkers and poets, to weave an artistic and sensitive program in the heart of the forest. The call is open until January 30, 2022!

A nationwide festival intended for the general public, the Nuits des Forêts (FR) invites you to discover the forest close to home and meet the women and men who inhabit it, cultivate it, protect it and draw inspiration from it… At a time of climate change, forests are at the heart of societal debates: droughts, tree diebacks and diseases, forest fires, carbon offsets and uses of wood… Because forests are a common heritage, the Nuits des Forêts wish to create a time of exchange, bringing together forest stakeholders, wood professionals, but also experts and scientists, thinkers and philosophers, artists, and inviting all citizens to mobilize on these issues. Through the encounter between culture and nature, this event intends to make society aware of forestry issues and promote new relationships with living things, at the level of each territory.

#incurable curious
Theater Rotterdam Rotterdam
23 Feb 2022 - 2 Apr 2022


By Davy Pieters

It seems to be far away, but it’s getting closer than ever. We are able to precisely alter the genetic code of our body cells, embryos, bacteria, viruses and plants. With the CRISPR cas9 technology we can adjust the properties of any organism to our liking. A revolutionary development that will have major consequences for humans, plants and animals. The performance CRISPR zooms in on the children who are born after applying these ‘genetic scissors’. A search for identity in a world that has more and more control over the technical side of existence.

COAL Paris
1 Mar 2022



The ocean is our geographic, dreamlike and political horizon. While the United Nations proclaimed the Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development 2021-2030, the COAL Prize 2022 invites artists from around the world to explore these submerged universes to make them accessible to as many people as possible; to reveal what is playing out in the belly of the ocean, from its abyss twenty thousand leagues under the sea to its surface, to give to see and feel what is still unknown; and to imagine new concrete actions to rekindle resilience with the water worlds.

Culturgest Lisbon
8 Mar 2022

Conference – Vibrating in the World

Séverine Kodjo-Grandvaux

Séverine Kodjo-Grandvaux introduces an interdisciplinary project that brings together scientists, legal experts, artists and other professionals to think about the ties that bind humans and other living beings. Vibrating in the World invites us to imagine a presence on the planet that is both an embodiment of the self, and also – evoking Édouard Glissant and his philosophy of relation – the act of becoming sensitive to all living things and to our cosmic condition.

Culturgest Lisbon
8 Mar 2022 - 9 Mar 2022

Conference Cycle – Colonial / Decolonial Botany

Another Natural History

How has colonial history marked our relationship with nature? In a two late afternoons program, we gather several disciplines of knowledge to open the photographic archives of contemporary Portuguese history, trying to see them as documents that, simultaneously, reveal traces of multiple ecologies, and are the expression of how colonial history marked nature.

Culturgest Lisbon
9 Mar 2022

Conference – Colonial Botany, Decolonial Botany


Based on photographs of scientific missions organised by the Portuguese Institute of Tropical Scientific Research (Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical (IICT)), and within the scope of project Photo Impulse, which focuses on photographic collections of Portuguese scientific and geodesic missions in Africa throughout the 20th century, this roundtable discussion establishes a dialogue between the epistemological perspectives of that colonial scientific past and contemporary ways of thinking philosophically, artistically and conceptually about the relationship of humans with plants and botany.

Kaaitheater Brussels
13 Mar 2022

The Big BOK Multiplication

Learning Day in Brussels

bodies of knowledge (BOK) considers the city as a rich source of valuable knowledge. Every passer-by could teach you something from their own background and life-experiences. BOK seeks to share this invisibilized or suppressed knowledge through oral transmission, that potentially could give rise to a socially more just society.

The Big BOK Multiplication tells the story of one and a half year of BOK in Brussels. BOK has been travelling as a nomadic classroom space through various parks and squares in Brussels for the past 18 months. Each week, passers-by and regular visitors could participate in the free programme, where they could learn about topics like: the central place of women in the Kurdish liberation movement, practising listening when you are used to being in the centre, Africa – a customs officer’s perspective, fighting structural injustices in mainstream education – as mothers, surviving and living with little money, saga of a happy borderline person and many more. All issues that don’t get a place, or not enough, in our schools, in mainstream institutions and in the media.

Culturgest Lisbon
25 Mar 2022 - 27 Mar 2022


By Marco Martins

Marco Martins proposes in WILD a reflection on the use of the mask in ritualistic practices that, since time immemorial, collectively mark crucial moments in Europe, such as the equinoxes and solstices, integrating characters such as the Wild Man, the Bear, the Goat or the Devil.

Culturgest Lisbon
29 Mar 2022

Conference – Hacking the Mask


Based on Marco Martins’ new performance, this debate hacks the multiple dramaturgies of masks. As a medium and stage for the figuration of the Other, masks show, hide and perform profound human technologies of the game. Face and mask differ and resonate with each other. From supernatural beliefs, masks deal with what fascinates and is feared, turning the wearer into hybrids beyond the culture/nature, animal/human and true/disguised dichotomies. 

Kaaitheater Brussels
1 Apr 2022 - 2 Apr 2022

To Speak Light Pours Out

By Kate McIntosh

Kate McIntosh’s latest performance throws the work of several writers, composers and performers into the mix. To Speak Light Pours Out immerses you in a powerful listening space: it is a world where rhythms, voices, texts and their meanings shape and channel each other. Surrender to exhilarating polyrhythmic beats and the raw energy of layered voices that unleash sonic and spoken images, both political and poetic, liberating and activating.

Artsadmin London
1 Apr 2022 - 30 Sep 2022

Parade of Horribles

Mish Weaver

Parade of Horribles is a roaming devised work, combining performance, spoken word and projection to celebrate differences with empathetic humour and amplify consciousness around the psychological effects of Climate Crisis. Going from City to Town, spending time with community groups in each area to better understand their lived experience, their fears and desires to translate into imagery for the street. Audiences will happen upon, share, and remember images designed to start conversations. Parade finds ways to create empathy between people and rejoice in the vibrancy that difference brings to our lives.

#incurable curious
Kaaitheater Brussels
8 Apr 2022 - 9 Apr 2022

Listen Here: This Cavern

By Daniel Linehan / Hiatus

Where Daniel Linehan’s previous performance Listen Here: These Woods took place among the trees, Listen Here: This Cavern invites you to descend into the darkness of a cave, to sharpen your senses and to listen. The music of Pauline Oliveros – recorded in a gigantic underground cave – accompanies the dynamic movement spirals of the performers. Let your senses get used to the dark and listen to the sound vibrations and dancers circling in the darkest space of Kaaitheater.

#conscious developers
Kaaitheater Brussels
29 Apr 2022 - 30 Apr 2022

The Silencing

By David Weber-Krebs

What attention do you pay to the sounds of your environment? What if those sounds slowly fade away? In his performances David Weber-Krebs (BE/D) explores the role of (human) spectators at a time when their activity has a profound impact on their physical and ecological environment. With The Silencing he enters the realm of sound and invites the audience to listen collectively to a world that is becoming increasingly silent.

#commissioned work
Kaaitheater Brussels
16 Jun 2022 - 17 Jun 2022

Elles vivent

By Antoine Defoort

In the near future, two friends meet in a forest. Michel, just back from two years of deep mindfulness in an ashram, did not follow the news. Taylor hurries to tell him about his adventures with the ‘Context and Modality Platform’, a kind of political party that – as an out-of-control joke and against all odds – has landed at the gates of power. Taylor tells his story using a nifty futuristic device that can project your memories in front of you as a hologram.

#collection europe
Culturgest Lisbon
1 Jul 2022 - 11 Sep 2022

Transforming Energy, by berru

Collection Europe

The synergies and challenges that the encounter between the biological and technological worlds imposes us today have been the focus of this collective’s attention. Their works tend to combine living and non-living structures, whose interaction allows us to understand the complexity of these same structures and to speculate on their potential collaborations in creating sustainable systems. For the exhibition at Culturgest Porto – within the France-Portugal Season Croisée, and in close collaboration with the French partner, COAL, which will host the exhibition afterwards – the collective is preparing a work that reassesses and seeks alternatives to the use of batteries.

COAL Paris
2 Jul 2022 - 4 Jul 2022

Les Nuits des Forêts 2021

All over France

An invitation to discover the forest close to home and meet the women and men who inhabit it, cultivate it, protect it and draw inspiration from it. Nature experiences, collective actions in the forest, shows, artistic works, vigils and sharing of knowledge and know-how by foresters, wood professionals, committed actors or scientists…

#incurable curious
New Theatre Institute of Latvia Riga
1 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2022

Incurably Curious Residencies 2020-2022

Voldemārs Johansons, Lina Lapelytė and Jānis Balodis

New Theatre Institute of Latvia produces this series of residencies. Indeed, NTIL invited three artists from the Baltic region to explore themes related to climate, social and economic justice and change. Their new artworks will be visible at Homo Novus festival in 2021 and 2022.

COAL Paris
1 Sep 2019 - 31 Aug 2023

Resource 0

Online collaborative platform

RESSOURCE 0 dives into a new field, at the crossroads of culture and ecology, both in France and internationally. Its objective is to question and respond to environmental issues, by integrating the aesthetic, creative, relational, sensitive and imaginative dimensions specific to art. RESSOURCE 0 defends a collaborative multi-stakeholder approach, in which solutions emanate from different exchanges and sensitivities.